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Solar Charging Colour Changing Solar Wind Spinner

By Luxcia, this sun powered garden stainless steel spiral Light bubble ball spinner will add a rainbow of colour to your patio or garden area.

It gently phases through beautiful greens, blues, reds and pink spectrums of colour.

Switching on automatically at dawn and off again at dusk it comes with its own hanging hook.

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Ultimate Solar Charger.

The Gemasolar’s 140 meter high tower is a distinctive feature of this 19.9 MW generating capacity solar powered plant. The plant uses concentrated sun rays on the tower which is filled a molten salt heat storage system.

Gemasolar is the first solar plant to operate commercially with the makeup of a central tower receiver with molten salt as the heat storage innovation.

The plant uses thermal transfer technology and can supply upto 110 GWh per year which is enough to supply electricity to approximately 27,500 homes.

The plant is located in of Seville Spain in the town of Fuentes de Andalusia and has been operational since May 2011.

Cost approximately 85,000,000 Euros.

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